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This document is designed to take you through a few tutorials in order to familiarize you with the Basilisk data file format and scripting language. The tutorials will begin simply, having you modify existing data files to add new data to them. Later tutorials will show you how to write rules using the Basilisk scripting language. By the end of these tutorials, you should be comfortable writing a complete data file on your own.

All of these tutorials assume that you are working with the data set distributed with the Treasure Generator application by Jamis Buck. Before each tutorial (unless the tutorial specifies otherwise) you should make a copy of the data directories, rather than working on the original data. That way, if you make a mistake, you do not have to download the data set anew before you can use the program.

Please select a topic from the menu below:

  1. Adding Data, Part 1
  2. Adding Data, Part 2
  3. Adding Art Objects (submitted by Richard "Loric" Avery)
  4. Adding Gems (submitted by Richard "Loric" Avery)
  5. Adding Coin Types (submitted by Richard "Loric" Avery)
More tutorials to come, as I get time to write them. If you have written a tutorial and would like it to be included in this document, please send it to Jamis Buck (minam@rpgplanet.com).

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