Tutorial #4: Adding Gems

By Richard Avery (Loric) (Richard@spectraproducts.com)
doc version 1.0

This tutorial assumes that:

  1. You have completed Tutorial #3.
So, now you want to add something to the Gem list huh? Well this is also a very easy step -- moving from the art objects to the gems is pretty simple.

Open up the "gem.bsk" file in a text editor.

This file is somewhat small (only 3-4 pages) so it's not a lot to have to absorb. Let's say that you want to add a gem called a "small rock." Why? Who knows? Maybe rocks are worth money in your game world. ;)

When you open the file you will see alot of gems set up like this:

mossAgate { "moss agate" }
The first part (one word, without any spaces) is the identifier that we will be adding (it won't actually be displayed by the treasure generator). The part in the brackets and quotes is the name that will actually be displayed. So we want to add a small rock. At the bottom of the list of gems add the line:
smallrock { "small rock" }
Then you need to choose how much this gem is worth, because there are average value categories just like in the art.bsk file. We decide that it is worth about 10 gold, so we need to place the name smallrock in between the line reading category group10gpGems and the end keyword, which seperates these gems from the next, more valueable group.

Then, save the file and recompile the database just like you did in the tutorial for making a new art object.

Then generate a few treasures (encounter level 20, selecting "No Art"), and you should see your new gem!

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